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Intervention Service Palmdale

Family Intervention in Palmdale!

If you have a friend or loved one suffering from addiction, you can create an intervention with A Better Today. Intervention is one of the best strategies to help your friend or family member onto the path of rehabilitation and recovery. Addiction can be a frightening ordeal for the addict and his or her friends or family members. You may ask yourself, “What can I really do to help a loved one who is steeped in the vicious cycle of addiction?” Some may be afraid of the backlash of the addict, but intervention does work, and our specialists will guide you to create an intervention based on compassion, care, love and support. Take courage- intervention is one the best ways to help your loved one.

What Is Intervention?

Intervention is a non-judgmental counseling tool of a peer group including close family and friends, with the sole purpose of convincing a drug or alcohol addict to enroll in treatment or get outside help for their addiction. Interventions are guided by an interventionist, and participants that include the addict, family members, friends, and loved ones of the addict. Typically, in intervention is initiated when the addict has ignored appeals and is unwilling to get help for their addiction, or is in complete denial of their addiction. Interventions are effective at creating an awareness to the addict to take their addiction seriously. There is a strong initial shock value when an addict sees those closest to him or her, assembled in a group because of their care for them. At ABT, we encourage and guide family members and friends to creating their own intervention for those who are suffering substance-abuse addiction. Addiction is a disease, and intervention is often the first step toward healing and recovery.

Intervention or Treatment? What’s the Difference?

An intervention is a tool friends and family can use to talk to an addict about their substance-abuse issue in an effort to persuade them to get treatment. Many times the addict is in denial of their addiction or can’t see the harm it is creating in their life and relationships. Treatment is when the addict begins their recovery and healing process. It can be at an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility. Intervention is not a treatment, but it is a powerful tool to help those who need treatment. During treatment, the addict detoxes and confronts their addiction, while learning about the disease and how it is affecting them. They also learn the tools and methods to fight their addiction and control their behavior.

What is an Interventionist?

An interventionist is the person who facilitates and directs the intervention. At ABT, we strongly encourage friends and family members forming an intervention to seek a professional, experienced interventionist to stage their intervention. Without a trained interventionist, your meeting can run the risk of backfiring, or getting off track in such a way that it becomes a detriment to the addict. It’s difficult for friends and family members to remain open-minded, and an interventionist can help them maintain the proper mindset and non-judgmental attitude. After all, the goal is to encourage the friend or loved one to get help. Not to condemn or ostracize them.

Typically, the interventionist will ask participants to write a letter to the addict in advance, and then read the letter to the addict during the intervention. These letters may include anything from positive encouragement, to shared memories, to warnings and ultimatums to persuade the addict to enroll in a rehabilitation program.

Professional interventionists are excellent communicators, and have a thorough understanding of the disease of addiction. Often times, they themselves are a recovering addict, and are able to bring that invaluable insight to the intervention. An interventionist should be able to communicate intelligently between the addict and other participants. At ABT, our interventionists are certified through the Association of Intervention Specialists. If you have questions about intervention or would like to speak to an interventionist at ABT, call us at (661) 220-5224 . Trained experts are standing by 24/7 to take your call and help you find the care you need.

When to Act

How to tell when to act? ABT has all the information you need to create an intervention for your friend or loved one struggling with substance abuse addiction. Many people are hesitant about confronting a friend or loved one, and may wonder if it’s the only way to get help, or if it’s the right time. If you share this reluctance, keep in mind that addicts live precarious, volatile and dangerous lives as a result of their substance abuse, the people they associate with and places they frequent when looking for drugs and alcohol. Waiting too long to help with an intervention could have tragic results including self-harm of the addict and others, overdose, hospitalization and even death. At A Better Today, we recommend that the friends and family of addicts create an intervention once the problem becomes apparent and beyond the control of the addict. To contact a trained professional regarding Intervention, call (661) 220-5224  now!