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Detox & Withdrawals

Detox Palmdale!

A Better Today detox provides a confidential and medically managed process for those who need help with their substance-abuse addiction. Detoxification, or detox, cleanses the body of residual drugs and toxins, but shouldn’t be confused with alcohol or drug rehab. Detox alone is not treatment, it’s the first step to prepare your body and mind for the rehabilitation process. Detox can be intimidating for addicts who have tried ‘cold turkey’ techniques, or for people who have been addicts for many years and find it a daunting endeavor to enroll in therapy. Detox treatment techniques vary from addict to addict. ABT utilizes medically proven methods, providing customized treatment for each client. If you have any questions or would like to talk with a detox expert at ABT, call (661) 220-5224 .

What to Expect in Detox

Even though our detox methods are customized for the individual, there are a couple basic stages that a client can expect. 1. Analysis. The analysis process is vital to determine which substance or substances are being abused, and in what quantities. Many clients are addicted to more than one substance, and when combined with alcohol or other substances can drastically alter your detox plan. 2. Detox. After analysis, our trained experts will guide you through the process of detoxifying your body from the substance(s) you’ve been abusing. While detox cleans your system and helps curb the physical addiction to drugs, it doesn’t rehabilitate the client. It prepares you for the next stage of your rehabilitation treatment and onward to a drug-free life!


Withdrawal is the body’s reaction to not having the addictive substance. Physical and psychological urges that can range from mild, to sever “drug sickness” where the addict experiences flu like symptoms as their body is under a storm of cravings. Their body is screaming out for the drug they are addicted to. Withdrawal is a natural part of detoxification, and our trained medical professionals are here to help you go through the withdrawal process and prescribe meds that can lessen the effects of withdrawal.

The Importance of Detox

Detox is vital to beginning your rehabilitation. Not only for the physical aspects of clearing out your body from destructive toxins, and curbing your addiction to those substances, it is also important to remove yourself from the temptations, conditions, people and environments that may trigger you to use. Enrolling yourself in detox, gets you into a new environment where you are monitored by medical professionals, and away from tempting factors. Detox is also important as it identifies the substances you are addicted to, and allows you, and our specialists, to create a path for your full recovery. The greatest danger to avoid when you start detox and recovery is relapse.

Relapse, or re-continuing your substance abuse, is more common when people enroll in detox alone. At A Better Today, we encourage our clients who complete detox to go right into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment program for your drug or alcohol rehab. Then clients can begin group or individual counseling meetings, join a 12-step community, and take advantage of relaxing living accommodations. ABT also provides these residential living communities, combining the same type of 24-hour monitored care, while also providing the option of outpatient facilities.

Take the First Step!

Detox is the first step to your drug and alcohol rehab. Treatment centers that only focus on detox are unable to provide rehab treatment beyond detox, but in some cases of addiction, a sober lifestyle can be achieved with detox only. Clients should be cautioned though, without rehab care after detox, the rate of relapse is significantly higher. ABT provides our clients with the weapons and techniques to combat dependency. Our goal is to enable you to be clean and sober for the rest of your life. Speak to one of our trained detox professionals and take your first step to sobriety today! Call now! (661) 220-5224