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Addiction Treatment Palmdale

Danger of Addiction

Addiction is usually addressed in terms of psychological and physiological addiction. Alcohol and drug abuse can result in addictions of each kind, and there are dangerous consequences of use regardless of how often or how much is abused. Physical dependence, also referred to as physiological dependence, is the body’s adjustment to a substance by incorporating it into ‘normal’ bodily functions. For example, natural “feel good” endorphins secreted by the brain are stopped when an addict uses oxycodone. The brain senses the presence of a similar chemical and shuts off endorphin production. When the user stops abusing oxycodone, they go through withdrawal and develop a psychological dependence as they feel a need for the drug that replaces the endorphins. Addicts can become psychologically dependent on activities, such as shopping, gambling, and self-harm. It is possible for addicts to become psychologically and physiologically addicted to a substance or many substances at once.

ABT gives people a chance to make positive changes by helping them overcome their addiction. Addiction treatment centers help people who are tired of fighting addictions and are ready to realize their sobriety goals. Detox programs are available to those who need it (not all addicts require it). Everyone enrolling in ABT can access our customized treatment programs, group and individual counseling, healthy diversions, and delightful living accommodations. There is a combination of 24-hour supervision with inpatient amenities and the affordability of outpatient facilities. To speak with an addiction treatment specialists, call (661) 220-5224  and start your recovery now!

Addiction Treatment is Possible

At A Better Today, the overall goal is to guide the user to permanently kick their alcohol or drug addiction. A staff of highly qualified professionals assist, nurture and guide clients through the sometimes difficult yet rewarding therapy. Through this process, clients will recognize the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction, including the financial, social, legal, psychological and physiological repercussions. Our trained professionals also strive to determine the deep-seeded psychological causes for addiction, helping their clients avoid circumstances, people and temptations that can act as triggers to their substance abuse.

Customized Treatments for Addiction

At ABT, we know the most effective treatment programs are to customize them to the individual client. Each rehab treatment is different, and each client has a different psychological temperament. Our rehab specialists diagnose and analyze the addiction, any psychological issues, and other personal situations of each client to facilitate the most effective rehab program. One of these effective therapies is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is treatment that helps clients become aware of, and avoid people and conditions that lead to relapse. Family therapy focuses on bettering family relationships to aid the recovery process. Additional motivational incentives exist throughout rehab to modify their setting and social circles which support resisting relapse.

Take the First Step! Call Now!

The first step in making many decisions on the path of recovery is the decision to give up drug and alcohol abuse. It’s not an easy first step, but we’re here to help. Our addiction recovery specialists are knowledgeable resources, capable of answering all your questions about detox, pharmaceuticals, treatment center locations, and other rehab questions. Start the path to your healing now and call our addiction specialists now! (661) 220-5224