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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

If you're looking for help with your substance abuse addiction in Palmdale, CA, let A Better Today help you! We offer resources, care and treatment facilities to lead you on a path of conquering this disease and getting your life back.

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Detox & Withdrawals

Detox is the process of allowing drugs and alcohol to leave your system to prepare your mind and body for treatment. Withdrawal is the natural effect of detox as your body craves the chemicals in drugs and alcohol that have replaced the natural endorphins in your brain.

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If you have a friend or loved one struggling with addiction, call us and our specialists will guide you through the process of creating an intervention. Our methods are based on care, love and support to help you help your loved ones get the treatment they need.

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Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please view our FAQs or call us at: (661) 220-5224.

Addiction is the ability of a substance to alter your mind and brain, re-writing it to create a pattern of repeated use. Addiction impairs the ability to make decisions, making it easier to use mind-altering substances.

If you are unable to stop using a substance, or you find you need more and more of it to receive the same effect, it is likely that you have an addiction.

Addiction is extremely dangerous and can result in death. The dangers effect all areas of your life- they ruin your friendships, family relationships, professional life, as well as your own mental and physical health.

We are fully HIPAA compliant, and our professionals are fully committed to keeping your confidential information safe and secure.

It's a personal preference. While inpatient care has been proven to be more effective, outpatient treatment is also effective for some. If you're not sure, visit our facilities and try both!

As addiction is a disease, most insurance companies cover substance-abuse treatment. If you are uninsured, there are state-funded programs that offer treatment programs to those who can't afford it.

Many people in recovery find it helpful to travel to a treatment center out of town, or out of state, to get away from the elements and triggers that tempt them to use. Some also like the anonymity of travel, as well as the catharsis from the travel itself.

Looking for Substance Abuse Treatment in Palmdale, CA?


Like many Californian cities, Palmdale also has citizens who struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. A Better Today is here to help!

Alcohol and drug addiction can create immense damage in the user’s life, and destroy relationships with them and their friends and relatives.

These crippling affects are physical, psychological, professionals and social. They can diminish the quality of life of the user to the degree that he or she feels as if there is no way out and no hope for recovery.

The damage from alcohol and drug addiction can leave the user impaired, with long-term chronic afflictions and can result in death. They feel trapped in a vicious cycle with no end or escape from it.

There is a way out with A Better Today. Many addicts find relief and hope through other addicts who are in recovery and have overcame their addiction.

What is A Better Today?

It’s not easy to reach out for help. Many recovering addicts say it is the hardest part of recovery- admitting that you have a problem and asking for help. It’s a common pattern among addicts who have successfully gone through recovery, that it took the crash & burn of their entire lives to get to the point to reach out for help.

An initial step is intervention. At A Better Today we have specialists who can help guide you through an intervention for a friend or loved one struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Our intervention process is based on love, care, compassion and support.

It takes courage to go from intervention to accepting help. It also requires tremendous confidence and trust. Traits not easy to find when struggling with addiction. A Better Today (ABT) knows this path and we know what works. You will receive some of the best care possible. Our treatment team will create a personal treatment plan, custom-tailored to you. Treatment is individualized- not just emphasizing the care needed for your particular substance abuse addiction, but also considering other factors, such as your personal needs, and the best approach to give you a fighting chance to succeed and live a drug-free life.

Each of our therapists are highly-trained, with Master’s degree educations (or greater). We are well versed in addiction counseling, including therapy with co-occurring mental disorders. Mental health issues typically are gasoline-on-the-fire of substance abuse addiction. ABT can work you’re your mental health issues while isolating addiction therapy to give you the necessary coping skills to deal with life.

Your first step at ABT is stabilization and detox. Your detox will be managed my medical professionals around the clock. Upon completion with detox, when the toxins are cleared from your system, your treatment can proceed. ABT treatment includes a variety of proven methods and evidence-based therapies, ranging from yoga to cognitive behavioral therapy. As you’re in therapy, we will put together an aftercare plan for you. This can be intensive outpatient programs, transitional living, halfway houses, group meetings and individual care. Aftercare is also custom-tailored for you, and the goal is to transition you to a drug-free life while avoiding the temptations to relapse.

Call A Better Today and Get Help Now

There isn’t a silver-bullet for substance abuse addiction. It is a chronic illness and left untreated can result in the death of the addict. A Better Today is driven to not only save your life, but to turn it around. When ABT clients complete their therapy, they possess abilities and mechanisms that enable them to function effectively in society.

If you are suffering with a substance addiction, or know someone who needs help, call us today at (661) 220-5224 and speak with a trained drug addiction counselor now!

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